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 Feedback aka Lovin'

Your energy and ability to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin is truly amazing. Thank you for the amazing weekend. Deanna

Thank you so much, Ayrlie, for your wonderful enthusiasm, positivity & energy you exude in all you do. You are inspiring, warm, open hearted and€“ I felt so welcomed, included & accepted. Marion 

The light that shines within you sparkles and glows. Touching others in more ways then you may ever know. Catherine

I know I hold my happiness in my own hands but without you, I would never have discovered how happy I can be!  Thank you, Debbie

"Ayrlie, You are a true Teacher, called to guide, ripe to witness and willing to connect whole heartedly. I felt very "seen" by you and as I watched you connect equally deeply with others I thought perhaps this is part of your "role" as our facilitator. Clearly it is not - you sincerely engage with each and every person with an intensity and vibrancy that leaves its mark - an open door through which unseen parts of ourselves flow out. Thank you."

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