...just about EVERYONE!! 

Our HUG scarves are made of arctic fleece and have large stylized hands on each end. They are designed as a simple gift full of meaning. So, when you gift a HUG to someone you care about, each time they put on their scarf it's like you are there giving them a warm fuzzy hug!

Our HUG scarves are an expression of:

  • Your love and affection
  • The fun of friendship
  • Thanks and appreciation
  • Congratulations for all occasions
  • Your heartfelt sympathy
  • Much needed encouragement
  • Random acts of kindness

Every HUG scarf comes with a gift tag with a poem about hugs inside.

Please go to our FB page for the latest patterns & colours available. Thanks!

We have two sizes of HUGS ~ Big and Little!

We also make unique Blankets and Cuddle Bags ~ Click Here for more details

Interested in sharing HUGS in your community? Become a distributor! 


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